Time For A Study Break

Photo of Time For A Study Break
Photo of Time For A Study Break

West Paul has been studying his multiplication problems for quite some time, and Paris Knight knows that he gets burnt out pretty fast. He's also got one of the best dicks on campus, and Miss Knight is going to show him how to use his study break wisely! Caressing his legs, she moves towards this college boy's huge, thick cock. She pulls it out of his underwear, and starts stroking his shaft as it grows in her hand. She just can't contain her excitement over her pupil's cock! In no time, Paris has squeezed out some pre-cum from this college boy's balls. Getting on her knees as he stands in front of her, she works his cock and pulls her tits out of her shirt. Rubbing his dick against her tits as his balls flap, she thoroughly enjoys working this boy's cock! West leans back a bit, letting his tutor do anything she wants to his big dick! Moaning from excitement, she lets her pupil cum all over her tits.

Categories: Ball Play, Big Cum Shot, Big Tits, Blonde Girl, Breasts Out, Cum on Breast, Glasses, Hand Job, Living Room
Details: 28 min
Photo of Noah
Photo of Paris Knight
Paris Knight

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