Teens Turn This Dirty Girl On

Photo of Teens Turn This Dirty Girl On
Photo of Teens Turn This Dirty Girl On

Chris was struggling with his English assignments and none of his past tutors could give him the help he needed. Luckily he got a session with Katie. It seems Chris was caught by surprise as this wasn't the help he had in mind. This dirty tutor was turned on the moment she walked through the door and quickly came up with a solution to help this pupil out. Katie begins rubbing on Chris's cock to loosen him up a bit. Katie told Chris to stand up and take his clothes off. Nervous but interested, Chris stands up and does just that. With the experience this tutor has, Chris has no chance, Katie is going to milk this teen. After awhile Chris is hard as a rock, laying on his back squirming. Katie is eagerly working his cock until he blows a massive load all over himself.

Categories: Ball Play, Big Dick, Blonde Girl, CFNM, Cum On Self, Hand Job, MILF, Milking
Details: 26 min
Photo of Chris Baker
Chris Baker
Photo of Katie England
Katie England

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