Problem Solved

Photo of Problem Solved
Photo of Problem Solved

Logan welcomes Miss Sunshine into his home for a tutoring session while his parents are gone. As soon as they start talking, the sexual tension between the two begins to rise. Logan was having a hard time scoring a date with a girl, so Miss Sunshine comes up with a great idea to help Logan’s confidence and starts to unbuckle his pants. She then grabs a bottle of lube and starts stroking Logan’s cock. After a while Miss Sunshine decides to get a closer look so she gets on her knees and continues stroking. When she can feel Logan is close to cumming, she tells him to get on the couch and cradles him until he cums all over himself.

Categories: Ball Play, Big Dick, CFNM, Cradling, Cum On Self, Hand Job, MILF
Details: 24 min
Photo of Logan Briggs
Logan Briggs
Photo of Miss Sunshine
Miss Sunshine

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