Gold Star Student

Photo of Gold Star Student
Photo of Gold Star Student

Jake was doing some reading while Nikki walked in and asked him how it was going. Jake has always been a little confused about talking to girls, he gets mixed signals when it comes to sexual tension. Nikki decided to give him a little help with that. She leans in for a kiss and then starts to take Jakes clothes off. Nikki has always been straight forward with what she wants with these teens. Once Jake has his pants off Nikki Starts rubbing his big hard cock with some lube. Nikki takes her top off to spice things up a bit and has Jake sit on the couch. Once Jake is on the couch she decides that lube isn't enough so she spits on his cock. Nikki wants one thing and that's to make this teen cum. She decides to get into her favorite position and cradle him until he cums all over himself.

Categories: Ball Play, Big Dick, Blonde Girl, Breast Play, Breasts Out, Cum On Self, Hand Job, MILF, Tattoo Inked Boy
Details: 22 min
Photo of Jake Combs
Jake Combs
Photo of Nikki Sweet
Nikki Sweet

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