Tristan's Surprise

Photo of Tristan's Surprise
Photo of Tristan's Surprise

Diamond Rose shows up to Tristan Sweet's tutoring session wearing see-through tights, a short denim skirt, and a very revealing top. How could this short-haired, toned, pussy-deprived boy possibly focus on his work?
Getting nervous as Diamond runs her hands down his body, it becomes clear what she wants, and Tristan's going to give it to her! Pulling the rest of his clothes off, Tristan hesitates but trusts his tutor to give him the education he needs. She grabs his dick, running her hands slowly over the shaft and his shaved ballsack. Diamond can't leave Tristan's big dick alone, she's absolutely in love with it! Sitting back as she strokes his huge dick, he starts to breathe heavily and truly enjoys his tutor's handjob! It's not long before he's cumming all over himself and his tutor!

Categories: Ball Play, Big Cum Shot, Brunette Girl, Daisy Duke Short Shorts, Dining Room, Hand Job, Latina, Small Tits, Tattoo Inked Boy, Tattoo Inked Girl
Details: 20 min
Photo of Diamond Rose
Diamond Rose
Photo of Tristan Sweet
Tristan Sweet

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