Not So Innocent Pupil

Photo of Not So Innocent Pupil
Photo of Not So Innocent Pupil

Cort is having problems lately with his German home work, he just cant seem to get his numbers straight. But Miss Macy has some plans on getting all his attention focused just where it needs to be. She starts by going over some basic numbers and counting, treating him just how he needs to be treated. She knows what to do to get these boys to do what she wants. She right away starts touching his leg and getting him very nervous and infatuated with his tutor, she knows just what these boys need. She knows that he wont say no, so she decides to take another hands on approach to clearing his mind. She stats by stroking his young hard cock through his pants and stands him up and undresses him to display his young semi hard cock that is aching for her to take control of it. She jerks him and admires her pupil so much while he stares in disbelief at what is happening. She starts to play with his balls and then sit him down to relax him a bit more and gets his pants off while he sits on the coffee table and she teases him with her tits and the idea of a blowjob. But he hasn't passed his test yet to earn that, but boy does she want him to pass with flying colors. She sits him down on the couch and keeps jerking him getting him closer and closer to bursting all over himself, she plays with his head and puts her mouth so close that he cant feel her breath on his balls. Eventually she lays him down, and like the good pupil he is, he cums all over himself for his tutor and she sends him off to go clean up while she updates her list of boy toys.

Categories: Ball Play, Big Cum Shot, Big Dick, Blonde Girl, CFNM, Cum On Self, Hand Job, Jerking Off, MILF
Details: 28 min
Photo of Cort
Photo of Macy Cartel
Macy Cartel

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