Pupil Is Willing To Learn

Photo of Pupil Is Willing To Learn
Photo of Pupil Is Willing To Learn

Dacey came over to Blakes house to help with some science homework while Blakes parents were out of town for the weekend. Dacey gets a little closer because Blake wasn't getting any questions correct. She could tell he was stressed and had something in mind that could help him out a bit. Dacey asked him to take his shirt off and he did so quickly. It seems this has always been a dream for this pupil. Blake was hard as a rock immediately. Dacey grabs the lube she brought with her, she always has this on hand when she tutors these teens. Blake has so much stress built up from his homework & he's ready to let that go. Dacey is eagerly waiting for this teen to cum & she knows just how to do that. Blake sits up on the couch and Dacey goes for a finish. She loves big teen cock. A few minutes goes by and Dacey relieves that stress from Blake as he makes a big mess on himself.

Categories: Ball Play, Big Cum Shot, Brunette Girl, CFNM, Cum On Self, Hand Job, MILF, Tattoo Inked Boy
Details: 24 min
Photo of Blake Silver
Blake Silver
Photo of Dacey Harlot
Dacey Harlot

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