Raring To Go

Photo of Raring To Go
Photo of Raring To Go

Miss Sophia has Jake come over today to check up on his progress with his English and grammar homework. She can tell he's getting a little better but he just doesn't seem to quite grasp everything. And that's just what she's good at. She can't seem to last more than 5 minutes before she's rubbing her hand all over his legs and taking his shirt off. And she can't help but notice how athletic he is and how defined his young rock hard muscles are. She starts caressing him and taking in every inch of him. She gets him fully undressed and back on the couch to start stroking him, she knows just how to touch these young guys, and even more just what to say to make sure they do exactly what she wants. She puts him through a few positions while she drains his balls and he explodes all over himself.

Categories: Ball Play, Blonde Girl, CFNM, Cum On Self, Hand Job, Tattoo Inked Boy
Details: 21 min
Photo of Jake Combs
Jake Combs
Photo of Sophia Sweet
Sophia Sweet

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