Her Hands Make Him Spurt

Photo of Her Hands Make Him Spurt
Photo of Her Hands Make Him Spurt

Pietro Salazar moves to America and looks to Miss Brodie for some extra school help in English. Miss Brodie will help him, all right. Right out of his pants and into his athletic wear! Pietro plays for the Latino football (soccer) team, and Miss Brodie has a thing for athletic guys! She gets him out of his school clothes and into his athletic wear, rubbing him down from head to toe until he's sporting a thick buldge! Miss Brodie gets Pietro to lay back on the dining room chair, and strokes his thick dick as he lays back. It's clear she's in love with his gigantic cock! Getting topless, Miss Brodie stradles Pietro and gives him the rub-out he desperately needs! Buy now to watch Miss Brodie give Pietro a huge cumshot! One he's sure to remember this season!

Categories: Ball Play, Big Cum Shot, Big Dick, Breast Play, Breasts Out, Brunette Girl, Cum On Self, Hand Job, Nipple Sucking, Office, Topless
Details: 16 min
Photo of Miss Brodie
Miss Brodie
Photo of Pietro Salazar
Pietro Salazar

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