He Just Needs To Relax

Photo of He Just Needs To Relax
Photo of He Just Needs To Relax

Oak's parents hired Macey to help him with his veterinarian science homework. Oak is naturally nervous around people, especially older hot teachers. Oak was noticeably stressed out from all homework from school and Macey could see that. Quickly she came up with an idea that would help relieve some of that stress Oak has. Macey tells Oak to stand up and start taking some of his cloths off. Macey can't help herself around some of these teens, she's addicted! Macey couldn't wait to get in Oak's pants. She always keeps a bottle of lube with her, as you can see she came prepared. She lubes him up and starts stroking his big cock before she puts him in a cradling position. From there she lays him on his back to get a good look at his cock. Macey is incredibly turned on and just wants one thing and that's to milk this teen. Macey knows just what to do. She sits Oak back up and keeps working his cock at the right pace. Eventually that stress that Oak has is relieved, he makes a big mess on himself. Quickly Oak leaves to clean up before the next student comes.

Categories: Ball Play, Big Dick, Big Tits, Blonde Girl, CFNM, Cradling, Hand Job, MILF
Details: 36 min
Photo of Macy Cartel
Macy Cartel
Photo of Oak Porter
Oak Porter

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