Messy Anatomy Lesson

Photo of Messy Anatomy Lesson
Photo of Messy Anatomy Lesson

Lola Fae is waiting for her next student, Grant Porter. Grant's been having some problems with anatomy, and needs to study for his test. Lola's just interested in studying Grant's anatomy! Lola gets right down to Grant's problem, he's not very good at paying attention. She thinks she has the perfect solution for his ADHD, though. Lola gets Grant to take his shirt off, and quizzes him on his muscles in the dining room. Rubbing down his body, she gets to his penis, and he starts to lose all focus! Using her delicate hands, Lola rubs against his shaved, smooth ballsack. Grant's cock gets nice and hard for Lola, as she spits on him to get him lubed up naturally! Stroking his hard cock as she fondles his ballsack, she teases him by rubbing against the tip of his dick. With a great point-of-view, you can really imagine yourself as Grant, watching her push up against your dick and cumming all over her and yourself!

Categories: Ball Play, Brunette Girl, Dining Room, Hand Job, Small Tits, Tattoo Inked Boy, Tattoo Inked Girl
Details: 26 min
Photo of Grant Porter
Grant Porter
Photo of Lola Fae
Lola Fae

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