Sadie Holmes With West Paul

Photo of Sadie Holmes With West Paul
Photo of Sadie Holmes With West Paul

There’s nothing sexier than a geeky prep school boy with a tasty cock, just ask Sadie Holmes! Screw the rules and the Dean, this prep school slut is going to get the dick she needs. Sadie Holmes sees West Paul through his dorm window studying, and sneaks onto his balcony. She knows exactly what she wants, and she’s going to get it! Shirt up, tits exposed, she gets on her knees and services West’s dick. Sadie’s not going to let that natural lube go to waste, though. She jumps right onto his cock, reverse cowgirl style, and lets him pound her tight pussy! She bounces on his cock, moaning as her ass hits the base of his groin, getting that dick as deep as it’ll go. Grabbing her waist, West gives her the pounding she was looking for! Sadie becomes his personal prep school slut. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are great, but West really wanted control. He stands up and pounds this slut, giving her every inch of his dick as she moans out in pleasure!

Categories: Ball Play, Big Cum Shot, Big Dick, Brunette Girl, Cum on Breast, Oral
Details: 28 min
Photo of Sadie Holmes
Sadie Holmes
Photo of West Paul
West Paul

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